Invited talks

  1. The Two Bell’s Theorems of John Bell, ICQOQI, Minsk, October 2015.
  2. The Two Bell’s Theorems of John Bell and Causal Emergence, Emergent Quantum Mechanics, Vienna, October 2015.
  3. Bell @ 50: can quantum theory and relativity peacefully coexist?, Relativistic Quantum Information workshop 8, Brisbane, Dec 2014.
  4. Closed timelike curves, nonlinear evolution and the preparation problem, Quantum mechanics seen through closed timelike curves, Fondation Les Treilles, France, June 2013.
  5. Maximally epistemic models for quantum theory: a no-go theorem, Workshop on Physics and Information, Paris, April 2013.
  6. The preparation problem, 2nd Perimeter Institute – Australia Foundations workshop, Brisbane, December 2010.
  7. Newcomb’s Problem in the light of Bell’s theorem, Causation and Decision Theory, Sydney, January 2009.
  8. Inequalities for steering and the EPR paradox, ICQO 2008, Vilnius, September 2008.
  9. Steering criteria and steerability witnesses, Sydney Quantum Information Theory Workshop, Coogee, January 2008.
  10. The Klein-Gordon Equation as a time-symmetric generalization of the Schrödinger Equation, Retrocausal Models in Quantum Mechanics, Sydney, November 2007.
  11. EPR, entanglement and macroscopic quantum paradoxes, ACQAO Science Workshop, Kioloa, 2004.